Mextures Formulas #4

Mextures formulas from my personal collection, blogisode #4.

As always, I hope you enjoy these formulas. Please remember that blend modes of layers (and the layers themselves) may require tweaking depending on the light/style/tone of your image and they will not necessarily look exactly the same on your images as they do in the provided versions.

If you have any questions about Mextures or using formulas, feel free to ask them in comments or via e-mail or social media/messaging.



Formula Name: Spring Snail

Formula Code: ERXXZJD




Formula Name: Gator Swamp

Formula Code: UTSJFIT




Formula Name: Wendell Turtle

Formula Code: JMJXZFA




Formula Name: Shake It

Formula Code: NGJJPJB




Formula Name: Tongue

Formula Code: DVQNBWB




Formula Name: Greensnake

Formula Code: NGEVXKE




Formula Name: 8 Eyes

Formula Code: JHYNKXA

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