It’s the end of the world as we know it…

…and I feeeeel fiiiiine…..

Just kidding. But also, it kind of is…and I keep wondering when people are going to wake up and notice that people are waking up and noticing.

No, this is not one of those conspiracy theory driven statements about the virus or about the world. This is just…well, the truth.

Most of the people who will read this blog (based on my “subscriber base”) have spent perhaps years looking below the surface of what others tell them, just like I have. We reason things for ourselves and as a result live a higher quality of life – first and foremost, we see things as they are and there is no stress in acceptance once you have reached that level of existence.

Right now there is a truly great awakening taking place. In the midst of a huge chance for a true change of consciousness, most continue to focus on the virus, the vaccine, and political jokes rather than be a part of the a global pandemic of people who are taking their blinders off. Thankfully, not me and not most of you.

We live in an ever moving, ever growing and ever changing universe, which presents us with duality in everything. It presents us with choices – not so much the idea of free will but a similar idea. This is my belief (in this moment, of my life and in the energetic place we are currently, as a collective being). Once presented with those choices, then we simply choose.

Most people make incredibly unconscious choices not realizing they have one (a choice) or that they’re choosing anything at all. They spend their lives just floating along following “the rules.” But, the true reality is that almost ALL we spend our lives doing is choosing which way we want to go, and we keep on choosing until the end.

Even in the case that life does something that we feel we have no choice in, which it will because we can not be in control of EVERYTHING, most people are under the delusion that they have no control at all (I’ve said it recently, myself), but that’s not true. There IS one thing you can control – your reaction. Even though I struggle with depression, and that is absolutely out of my control at this point – I can chose how to react to bad days, I can choose to allow myself grace and to do nothing if nothing is all I can do. I have built a life and a mindset that allows that. That is still a choice. Most people…they forget that ultimately, no matter what they may not be able to choose for others, they ALWAYS have a choice for how they decide to handle a thing.

Most people live in a unconscious state where they THINK they are choosing, when in fact they are repeating the same old patterns and behaviors over and over and then remain unhappy because they don’t see different results, or are very content because they think they’re doing all the right things when the reality is that there is no “right” at all in the sense of what most people are taught and molded as children to believe we need to be and do to be happy in this world.

I believe our universe is our Source (God, whatever name you call that which is in control) and that this Source – this energy – connects to our consciousness, where new choices are presented to us. My observation is that most people eat dead food, ingest polluted water, follow news media like a cultish religion, crave entertainment from very fast paced experiences and things that afford them instant gratification, and so on. People have completely forgotten about their souls, rarely even try to actually use their minds, and are seemingly existing only in the form of physicality.

These people are so low in energy that they are incapable of sensing universal shifts, which is what we have been in the midst of since BEFORE the pandemic began. The pandemic simply caused a sudden consciousness of many realities and seemingly all of a sudden and all at once a huge group of people realized the truth about the “cog in the machine” role they were created by society and the powers that be, to be.

Shift, however, is a certainty. If you don’t believe in such things, consider this when you consider the fact of the worldwide, literally global impact of the virus. If you take off your governmentally/societally controlled rose colored classes you will realize that we are facing the end of one natural cycle, and looking forward to another, and that this was coming whether covid came with it or never existed at all. Covid only sped up the process and forced a change for most people that led to many realizations about what life could and should be.

The universe and the physical planet we call home also goes through cycles – darkness and light, daily, and seasons that change (however briefly) four times a year – and at the end of a cycle EVERYONE, regardless of their condition, must wake up. They must make the necessary changes and shifts in mindset to accommodate the physical existence they would like to experience during each cycle – whether it’s a day or a season. The same is true of (what I consider) energetic (spiritual) cycles.

Perhaps this is what’s going, as we enter a new cycle of light. The LIGHT is exposing the darkness more and more, and while we move on, most are caught up in this infuriated, fear driven belief that because of the virus, freedoms are being taken away. In some ways, perhaps; but, I believe what they don’t realize is that they have already have given their freedom away. They don’t realize that a country or a government is not where true freedom exists in the first place, and it never has been.

Step outside of the box, remove the glasses and unlearn the rules that you THINK you have to follow, and you will see. You will see that perhaps you have just been caught off guard and your spirit is trying to show you what you’ve always known. Most people ARE caught off guard by “current existence,” and now find themselves in a place of confusion with an underlying belief that there is no place to run. It’s not a literal “Book of Revelation” moment, but it is very much that in a much deeper way. Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about being in the 6th time of mass extinction, but those who carry the LIGHT will find the WAY out.

This is only my perception – this is what I have come to believe through my own reading, mediations and spiritual practices/connection. I did not become brainwashed by virus- or political-focused propaganda or “jump off the deep end,” as they (the less deep thinking, society driven rule followers) often say about people who express views like this. These have been my beliefs for decades (most of my life). It is really very simple – I haven’t changed, I clearly see it as my living reality now only more so than before; and, I realize that it has been “this” all along.

Someone shared a thought with me the other day and I will leave this blog with it: you are the message, not the messenger. BE your truth as you share it. If people do not understand or they judge it, and many will not understand and will jump to judgment, that’s okay – because neither did you at one point in your life.

Do good. Be gentle. Be compassionate. Be kind. Do all those things for yourself and for others. Have a beautiful day.



Lube Up.

I have had disappointments. Struggles. Moments that I’ve lost faith in what I used to believe. Oh yes, more than a few. Like most lives, mine is sprinkled with the moments that passed me by, the opportunities I only saw in the rear-view mirror, hopes lost in the fading light of what I thought would be my day. Yet, here I am. Here we all are, those of us still here.

It has not all been easy. It has never been black and white. It has never been that simple – perhaps that is why I dream of adding color to it all in my creative endeavors. But I am not defined by my disappointments, nor am I confined by them. I am shaped by them, changed by them, but never owned by them. It is in the learning that I am set free: free to try again, or free to do my life differently.

I’m an intelligent and logical person but I’m also an empath. I am what many from childhood and even up til now have considered wasteful. You know, the uselessness of having a head in the clouds or a heart perpetually full of feelings and passion that are all an unproductive, non-conducive waste of time. Those things are true, taken to extremes they can be detrimental…but so can the excess of anger and judgment and many other things.

It is through all of my own experiences – especially the difficulties and painful experiences – that I have learned how to authentically be me and to make my soul characteristics, both the darkness and the light of it, not just my way of living but also my way of EARNING a living – because to be a creator is MY PURPOSE. Others don’t have to understand or relate to that – they don’t even have to respect it…they’re consuming what I’m bringing to the table and not bringing a plate to the potluck.

We ALL have a soul purpose. The world needs ALL of us, with ALL of our different gifts. Don’t put people down or judge them because they don’t live the life you would choose for yourself. Thank them, instead, for what they bring into your life with their differences.

The world needs construction workers and emergency services workers and doctors and nurses and teachers and IT people and factory workers and farmers and truckers and on and on to help it to run smoothly. Of course it does. OF COURSE it does.

But do you know what it also needs that just about every one of those “essential” people consume like vitamins? The light of the artists – the realms of the writers, the musicians, the deep thinkers, the actors, the comedians, the magicians, the drawers of magical worlds and the painters of scapes in sound or in color, or both all at once – to escape to.

The world NEEDS the creators of comfort and escape to help the “essential workers” to cope with the stresses of their lives serving others. It needs the creators to help to invent and build the world, but also to help the world remember it’s inner child – the one that existed before it was told it couldn’t be itself and had match the rules that killed it’s true joy – and hopefully in some small way to help that inner child stay alive.

The world needs the dreamers and those brave enough to share their wildest and craziest ideas and creations to help the world see beauty and creativity, to find inspiration, and maybe, in some ways, to heal.

The world needs ALL OF US, all the time.

What has not worked for me in my life has taught me the depths of who I am. It has also taught me the limits of who I am. What has worked for me may not be for everyone but it has helped me to shine when I want to hide in the dark, and the broken parts of me and my past are not monuments made of stone, nor have they turned ME to stone. They are, even at their worst, portals through which I travel into a better tomorrow…or the hope that I one day will.

The experiences I have had and will have are the tools through which I create, through which I manifest and through which I show others (if not by word then by example) exactly what thriving – not just surviving – is.

Or, that is my hope. That is my goal.

That is my heart, and it just wants to make a difference in the lives of struggling people by sometimes making them feel less alone in their darkness by being dark with it but also by helping them to escape through the magic that sometimes pours out of me.

Our magics and our roles may be different, but it takes us all to make the world a happy and comfortable and interesting place to be. So don’t down the dreamer. Don’t loathe the lover. Don’t hate the hurt – because hurt people hurt people. Don’t damn the already damaged.

Don’t waste your time or energy playing the role of jury or judge because you’re neither. That’s not the job of a single one of us. We’re just here to do whatever we do best, whatever drives us and serves the world for the better, and to love – because love is the center of everything, even logic.

We are energetic, crystalline beings living in physical, 3D bodies. We are souls that are taking residence in a vessel so complex we haven’t even completely figured the vessel out yet. There was a time where there was very few awakened souls here on earth, and now many are becoming awake to these truths.

That is the purpose for all of us. We are here to experience this realm of existence while it lasts and to do our soul’s job in this realm to leave it better than we found it. What’s so hard about that? Apparently a lot – perhaps that is why we also need philosophers and psychologists and theologians and spiritual intellectuals whose jobs are to help us to sort through the two realities of spiritual and human existence.

The synopsis? Different types of people with different goals in life really aren’t meant to rub each other with friction causing constant lifequakes (pun totally intended). They’re meant to grease each other up, like lube, if you will, so that we can move more easily through the time that makes up our human life and actually EXPERIENCE IT.

Start moving with life instead of trying to force it to be a certain way. Creating your life is a process. Lube up already. Otherwise, life’s going to keep being rough and leaving friction burns in your soul. 🤷‍♀️❤️

I learned…

You have the power to overcome conditioning –
especially conditioning you’ve done to yourself…
Even fears.
It takes bravery, but it rests within you.
Be compassionate toward yourself,
Believe and see – you have the ability to heal the wounds that bring your anger,
that slice you open,
that feel like ghosts who just won’t follow the light and leave you be…
Forgiveness of self,
understanding is yours…
Now take the reigns and seek the changes,
do not doubt,
do not fear.
Know that you can change these patterns –
expectations of self…
You can do so much,
you can pray so much,
you can love so much –
others and yourself.
life will always happen
on life’s terms.
There is no other way.
Understand that no matter what you have chosen
or what you choose,
what you know,
or think you know,
what you wish for,
or what you loathe,
life will rise and fall,
come and go.
There is true peace to be found,
and felt…
but only within yourself,
and only when you let go and allow it…
only when you give yourself the opportunity
and the gift you need…
Only you know what that is.
It’s the only way.

What the “Bad Apple” Analogy REALLY Taught Me

It might be one thirty in the morning but it is still Sunday, so Reverend Sister Christy is going to preach. We having church.

Today’s topic is: Don’t give up a good apple in your life just because you see a blemish and mistake it for a worm.

Misery may love company. But you know what miserable people really want? To be heard even in their silence. To be cared about even when they’re misunderstood. To be thought of even though they may not want to be seen. Even if they can’t or don’t want to express themselves or respond…they need to know they still matter, not tossed to the side because they or their struggles make you uncomfortable.

Why? Because disconnection is not humanly reasonable even if a human being doesn’t have the ability to express themselves – and all people are not going to express themselves in ways you can understand when they DO express themselves. We are meant to be a collective, supporting each other, even if it’s just with a comforting smile and soft eyes, or a simple, “Hey there, I was thinking about you and I’m here if you need me.”

People don’t necessarily always want or know how to express themselves. They may not necessarily want that. But what everyone wants and needs, whether they express it or not, is to have the option.

So get down off your high horse, Herod Agrippas of the world, and sit down and LET PEOPLE BE EXPRESSIVE in whatever ways they can be even if you can’t understand those expressions – and as long as they’re not abusing you in any way, if you don’t have anything nice to say or don’t know what to say? Just say so.

Stop punishing people just because you have your own issues and double standards, Herod Agrippas of the world. Get rid of those double standards, and if you have your own issues? Work on them rather than personifying them.

I won’t even say “as long as they’re not hurting you,” because you know what? SOMETIMES THE TRUTH HURTS. Abuse is different. But just because someone’s behavior or choices bothers you, or you don’t agree with them, doesn’t make them invalid or constitute a behaviors they should be punished for by someone with their own flaws and faults. NONE of us are perfect – and for all who would argue that the biblical God was, he himself was not perfect and he KNEW that after he screwed up “man” (see

Here’s the thing: You aren’t living someone else’s experience. THEY ARE. So be kind in the ways you can be, even if it is to explain to them that you can’t be of help to them. Be thoughtful. Add some good to the world by shutting up and just offering to listen, even if they don’t want to talk. TRUST ME – that matters. It counts. It’s worth the effort in the long term, even if it angers them or seemingly stresses them, if you truly care for them.

No. Don’t give up a good apple in your life just because you see a blemish and mistake it for a worm.


It is 6:19AM. I opened my eyes to a faint light beginning to creep through filmy windows and as I began to awaken, I awakened to a realization that I have lost all faith in the what we call “the American healthcare system.” It is willful blindness to believe in it.

There are great people who work for it – people who care and give their all to make sure the sick are well attended and made comfortable. But they work for the system – a system that doesn’t allow them to follow their heart, only the money trail. A system that doesn’t allow them to make decisions based on their gut but forces their hand to do what the rules say is allowed and not what is right.

Now it is 7:06AM, and the light is bright enough to make the film on the windows seem to disappear. The film over my eyes, however, has not, and will not. That said, I am too tired and too weak to fight today.

The pain in both my heart and my uterus hold me down. I don’t mind being here. It’s the place I’ve spent the most time and it’s gotten pretty comfortable. So now, as my eyes grow heavy again, I bid my faith and my life as I know it a bittersweet goodbye.

The Offensivness of Kindness?

I want to talk (write) about a few things today. If I try to write about all of them it will be a novel and this is going to be close enough to one. Nonetheless, I think that the first thing I should talk about is how we need to speak to ourselves.

For all of my life my father taught me to speak kindly to myself, to respect myself in the way that I spoke to myself, and to treat myself just like I was expected to treat, speak to, and respect other people. He always taught me that respect is a word and an action that works just like (is, in fact) the golden rule – it’s given, and if you give it you should receive it. If you give it and you don’t receive it then you don’t necessarily owe it to the person.  Of course, as a child I was also taught that it didn’t matter whether someone was respectful and kind to you; as a child where I grew up, you were meant to respect everybody regardless of how they treated you. No worries, though – as an adult it all kind of morphed into tit for tat.

That’s a little confusing (hello, personal struggles) and of course I don’t agree with it, and that is not how I raise my child. I raise my child to first respect and love himself, and that means that he should and can genuinely respect those who respect him. I raise him just exactly the way that my father raised me, but there’s a twist. My philosophy doesn’t include an age clause. While he is not allowed to be ugly to people, it does mean that if somebody is not respecting him he doesn’t have to go out of his way to be nice to them – he can just be quiet.

He doesn’t have to lie if he doesn’t like somebody, or if he doesn’t like the way he’s treated by somebody. He doesn’t have to be “fake nice” to them – he can just be silent, and that works really well with him. He is very mature and very respectful in a general sense, but he doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap (even at the tender age of 7). Of course we do go through the periods where he’s got a smart mouth and he’s short toned and tempered and can be hateful like all kids (and adults) can be – he’s not perfect and he is still learning, but he’s better than I was as a child, to be perfectly honest.

That being said, it (self-respect) has been on my mind a lot – the things that people say to themselves and the way that I speak to myself, and the example we are to others in that way. Especially to our kids.  I have always been a very kind person when it comes to complimenting people and trying to lift people up because I grew up in a home where even though my father taught me the way that he did, and I DID have a lot of respect and love for myself because of that, my mother was quite the opposite (as was my father’s mother). I was practically raised by my grandmother and the only time I was ever around my mother it was almost always negative, so I know how it feels to be disrespected and treated unkindly and I guess that’s why it’s always been a goal of mine to be nicer to people than they expect, or to maybe overcompensate with kindness even towards people who are not always kind to me.

It’s a habit I got into as a child (which I realized as I continued working through “You Can Heal Your Life”) and as I’ve grown older, especially the last few years and especially after losing my dad and going through the grief of that death, and then the grief of cancer followed by the death of my best friend – through all the trials and all this change in my life the last few years (especially having to becme mother’s caregiver after all the years of abuse and fear that she instilled in me) – I have been questioning my worth. I don’t really know why, or what those people not being here have to do with it, but recently I have been re-learning how to truly be kinder to myself. Throughout that process and in speaking about it and receiving regular negative responses to it, it seems to me that it’s such a taboo topic.

Apparently, a lot of people think that when you talk about self-love and self-care and self-respect these days that you are just a very selfish person. How ridiculous is that?? People go on the attack and they talk about how conceited you are and how you don’t care about other people if you’re always talking about yourself (which is true of my blogs and instablogs because duh, I’m using them to cope with my pain and learn how to live my life again). In sharing this with some of my mother’s friends from church, they frequently talk about how it is not humble or selfless to care for yourself, that humility is about making life about other people, and I think that they have that confused with something else totally different. I think that religion and the ultra-conservative women-hating Christianity of my culture has completely brainwashed them.

Humility is not about hating yourself or downing yourself. It doesn’t make you humble or a better person to treat yourself like crap or to allow others to treat you like crap and to not speak up – it makes you a coward is what it makes you. It makes you a doormat, and that’s what I’ve become. It makes you weak, it makes you afraid, it makes you dread your life and being around those people, and it keeps you from being able to love them in a way where you can not put up with their crap but still be kind to them because it prevents you from being able to forgive them. It creates a bitterness, and you can’t be healthy and happy if you’re full of bitterness.

That’s one of the things that I have really latched onto in this book
I’ve been working with – this idea of bitterness and unforgiveness and how that can effect your entire life in ways you might not can imagine; it can destroy your health, both in your mind and in your body.  So, this morning I spent a lot of time during the time my son was doing his reading and his quizzes thinking a lot about this issue of the taboo of giving yourself compliments and of how so many people around us are so quick to reject compliments, even from other people.

I know you know what I mean – it’s like you can tell so many people that they look nice today or that they’re beautiful today or that they’re glowing today and really see that and really mean that and really be just trying to express gratitude to them for being so open with their light and their aura and that person will look right at you and say, “oh please.” Usually they’ll say some negative thing like, “maybe if I wasn’t having a bad hair day,” or, “maybe if I wasn’t old with a face full of wrinkles,” or, “maybe if I was 10 pounds lighter,” or, “maybe if my favorite outfit had been clean and I didn’t have to wear this old thing.”

Why!?  Who do people do that? Why do we do that to OURSELVES?  Why can’t people just take the beauty that is there that other people can clearly see and accept that it’s real and it’s there and that it’s being appreciated? Why do they have to put it down? Why do we put ourselves down? Why is it not OK to be proud of who and what we are, and to share that with the world and to encourage others by offering them the same confidence and kindness?

It’s because we don’t believe we deserve it. We’ve been conditioned to always owe everything to everyone but to never deserve or allow anything for ourselves. We also don’t see it (the good in us) because we’re too busy and focused on the one thing that hardly anybody else notices that we hate about ourselves, and that’s why changing this always starts with us. It starts with us and us learning to speak to ourselves in a positive way; to compliment ourselves, to love ourselves. If we were able to do that then we would be more confident and find it easier to compliment other people, and the world would be a better place.

Complimenting ourselves and others and meaning it is easy! It’s just kindness! That’s how I was raised and how I always have been, and was until all this grief and all this fear, all this hurt and all this different stuff that has been going on in my life for a really long time now. For so long now I have allowed other people to beat my confidence and my self-worth out of me, especially my mother, and it’s actually really ridiculous and sad because I’ve known very consciously that this was the case for probably a year and a half or something, since my dad died, but yet I have kept myself closed off and quiet and afraid to offend anyone by being nice to them. How absolutely STUPID is that? That’s what our world has come to. People are now offended by kindness. 

Another reality for me is that this insecurity really affects me from the aspect of my anxiety and my panic when I’m in social situations because one of the ways that has always worked the best for me to deal with that (and the healthy way of dealing with it) was to communicate with those people that I was afraid of. That person in line behind me that I felt was encroaching on my personal space was not really doing that – it was just a long line, and lines sometimes get close.  In order to turn my brain off to the perceived threat that was there, I had to force myself to face that threat and to make my brain recognize that a threat didn’t exist.

The way that I would do that was always to make some kind of silly joke about the length of the line or the fact that there were no cashiers in the store or whatever, like some sarcastic little thing that everybody was thinking but nobody wanted to say but I would somehow make it funny and inevitably myself and the people around me would laugh; or, I would compliment that person. I would find something good about a person (whether a stranger or a person I knew) and tell them that whatever that good thing was had positively affected me in some way, even if it was just as simple as the person was smiling a lot and in a good mood and putting off a good vibe.

It’s not hard for me to see the good in people, and it’s not hard for me to be open about it. It’s not hard for me to say to somebody, “hey, you’re in a really good mood today and that makes me happy. Thank you.” Even if it’s a stranger, I generally have no problem saying to them, “I don’t know you but I just want to say the vibe that you’re putting off is just making my day so much better,” especially if I’m having a bad day. I know that saying to that person that their laughing or smiling or whatever it is, if it’s making me feel better about my day, telling that person is going to make us both happy.

Or, I used to know that. Lately, I doubt it. Unfortunately, while it’s not hard for me to find the good and compliment someone and genuinely mean it, it’s VERY hard for people to hear those expressions. I have become a person who is afraid to compliment somebody because it might upset them and then they might lash out at me. I don’t want to be that person because honestly, that’s ridiculous.

It’s funny because I was thinking about these things most of the morning and when it came time to take a break from my son’s school I opened WordPress and was reading and saw that Rob (from Just Ruminating) had posted about this, and I thought it almost felt like a sign:  “out of all these thoughts today this is the first thing that you should post your thoughts about – people need to converse about this.” His blog is a lot more comprehensive as far as the topic.  My post here is just simply an attempt for me to evaluate myself and what I am personally doing now, to share my thoughts and to grow and maybe help others to grow from it, and the truth is that lately I haven’t been complimenting people and that’s just not who I am. Mostly, though, I haven’t been complimenting myself anymore – and it’s because I’ve allowed it to be so negative for so long.

The reality is that if you want to feel happy and be happy, then you need to do things that make you happy. One of the things that truly makes me happy is to make other people feel good and to offer positivity to them, and there’s nothing wrong with that! So, I need to do that more and I need to practice on myself to get the hang of it again, because it has to start with me. And, it has to be genuine for it to count and to make you feel joy – true joy, so that’s kind of where I am right now… Even if people are feeling really negatively and they really don’t want to hear your compliments and they react negatively to your compliments I think that is probably the BEST time to give a compliment. It’s not something we should be afraid of, or work really hard to be politically correct about.

I found that definitely is true with my mother lately, as she thrives on negativity in our relationship and it throws everything off balance for her if I remain positive regardless. I know deep down she appreciates it, too, even though she’d never admit it, because I can see this little grin happen inside of her even though she’s fighting really hard to not accept my kindness or compliment and to make me feel bad about giving her the compliment. Somewhere inside of her she is touched positively by that compliment and kindness – how can they not be, even if they don’t show you? I think for me the point is to have faith in the fact that positivity helps, even if it doesn’t help right away.

Positivity, like anything else, builds and grows as you continue to offer it. It snowballs and it helps any situation. Getting to a very, very low point – probably the lowest point I have ever been in my life in the last year – and looking back at that now, feeling this desperation and seeking to find what can actually help me out of this deep, dark pit that I’m in, has shown me this.  The only thing that can help me is positivity, because positivity breeds hope and happiness, and the only way that I can really create that in my life is to start that ball rolling and to have faith that it will snowball into something really good. That’s what’s always happened in the past, so even as hard as it is sometimes – especially on the really bad days and in the really bad moments on really good days, because that’s the way grief works – I am trying to keep my positivity and I want to share it with others.

It is especially important during these hardest of times to try to keep sight of that hope and I know that for me in the last couple of days, as I have been working through some exercises and doing some work on myself with this book, I’m trying to ground myself again and get myself at least on an even keel again. One of the things that I have realized was missing was the way that I used to treat other people;  how open I was with kindness toward them and how that lifted not only them but me, and then how that snowballed and just seemed to grow so large that it affected everybody around me. I’m seeing how I don’t need to let the negative people around me become a block for that positivity, as they sometimes can be when I’m insecure and when I am trying to protect myself.

I’m not going to grow and heal if I’m constantly trying to protect myself. I’m just gonna stay in that place of fear and doubt and I’m absolutely not willing to accept a life of only fear and doubt as a reality anymore. I can’t. I’m dying in more ways than one and that’s not the way to live a good life or a happy life, and a life that brings good into the world. It’s time for me (for all of us) to actively create this better world, and as much as it hurts, as hard as it is at times, as confusing as it still is for me, and as scary as it still is, I know that it’s what I need to do.

Moreover, it’s what I WANT to do, and I’m beyond 1000% positive that it’s what my dad and Dorie would both want FOR me because that’s what love does and that’s what their love was. They wouldn’t want me to have changed who I was in the past just because they’re not here, so it’s time to get back to me, and that’s what I’m working on. As I mentioned before, it starts with how we treat ourselves, and my honest opinion of myself is that I am…well, pretty great. I have negative traits, as do we all, but I am also honest, open, kind, always trying to become better and learn from life and my mistakes and the hard things I experience. I am smart, I have gifts of sharing, I enjoy sharing and find hope for myself in hoping that others will find something good from my experienes, and I need to continue to use those gifts. All of this is just who I am, and I NEED TO JUST BE.

We ALL need to be ourselves, which I believe is loving and kind, at the core. We all need to continue to use our gifts and share them, and create good in the world with them. That’s what we all need, and what the world needs. Do you have any thoughts about this, or anything you think I should know that I haven’t considered? I’d love to know… Would you join me? I’d love for us ALL to just be kind to each other, to compliment each other, to lift each other up – and to happily and joyfully accept it when others offered to us, too. How amazing and freeing and wonderful would that be? Very, is what I’m thinking.

Wishing you a happy Friday, friends. Thank you, as always, for reading through and allowing me to share with you.

Love to all,


PS Extra points to anyone who counts the ridiculous number of times I wrote the word “compliment” or “complimenting” and shares it in a comment. Hahahaha…!

Toxicity? STOP!

It’s February. I can hardly make myself believe that we are already one full month into 2017. Since before the beginning of this year I have tried to make a conscious effort to be very positive in what I allow myself to focus on – whether it be thoughts, activities, even the things I read. I am falling off of that wagon this morning, only 32 days into the year, because there is this topic boiling inside of me that I wish to plead with you to consider and to change about yourself if you’re one of the people this shoe fits. The topic of the day today is “toxic people and toxic relationships.”

I am inclined to share my thoughts about this  because it’s a topic that has really begun to irritate me. It’s not just the toxicity topic – it spans a broader spectrum, really. I see it frequently “discussed” on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube (and no doubt on Facebook and Twitter, which I have happily been distanced from for some time now). People throw around this terminology and are turning it into this new rage with new meaning and my problem with that is this: mental illness, nor emotional/physical abuse, are fads or hot topics or momentarily interesting adjectives. They are serious, and they are long term, and they are important, and people who are truly dealing with them suffer and struggle beyond what those who do not deal with them in a real sense could ever imagine or understand.

Here are my thoughts, in short:

Just because a person disagrees with you doesn’t make them a narcissist. Just because a person shares a different perspective on life or lives in a different world than you do doesn’t make them “bad for you” or “mentally ill” or wrong. Just because you have an argument, or a person makes a mistake, or a person does or says or feels things that do not make sense to you or things that make you uncomfortable does not mean that they are a toxic person. Just because a person doesn’t understand YOU doesn’t make them daft or stubborn. What all of those things MIGHT mean are that perhaps you are using blame or judgement or being unkind to others in order to validate yourself.

I wish that people would stop throwing around terms related to mental illness and psychological problems like they are just every day adjectives, and blowing every day situations, perfectly normal behaviors, personality types, and differences out of proportion. Terms and phrases like:



Delusions of grandeur

Going mental


And, even using the actual names of mental illnesses as adjectives or modifiers or verbs:







Really? Because chances are, you have NO IDEA what it’s like to deal with ANY of those issues in a real way. The one that really aggravates me is the current trend of talking about people and relationships that are just not great or maybe a little bit unhealthy but far from abusive or utterly horrible as “toxic,” and to accuse the other person of being “unstable,” or “bipolar,” or “narcissistic.” Until you have actually been involved with a person who carries within them the ACTUAL traits of any of those illnesses or states of being, you have no clue how detrimental, how painful, and how truly disabling those types of relationships/people can be.

It’s not cute – not even a little bit – to have a painful or bad breakup that is really pretty average or normal (breakups hurt, OK?) and to then lash out with some descriptors like the ones I’ve mentioned above in order to validate yourself or to make yourself feel better. It is one thing to refer to someone as selfish, or as wrong for you. It’s something completely different to use descriptors like the ones above when referring to them or to your opinion of them.

Society in general needs to get over itself. It needs to change it’s perception back to the reality that NONE OF US are the same, none of us have the same experiences as a whole, or beliefs or ideas about the world or about life or about anything – even science disagrees with itself some of the time. And what does it do? It accepts that and it works to make things “right,” because it has to. That’s why the majority of ideas in the world of science are still called THEORIES, and theories are acceptable until proven to be fact or proven to be bullshit.

Speaking of bullshit, I’m calling bullshit on all the hype about toxic relationships, and toxic people, and narcissists that seem to be out to get a few of you…because you know what? You’re lying to yourself and you’re making mountains out of molehills, and most likely you are simply trying to avoid personal responsibility and owning what YOU HAVE ALLOWED in your life that you are now sick of. You can’t blame other people for what you have allowed to continue, or for not understanding you when you do not express yourself well, or for not treating you in a way that you deem as “fair” when everyone is entitled to believe and express themselves as THEY ARE, just as much as you are.

I’m not on a rant today, I promise! I just had one too many blips of the term “this person is so toxic” appear on my screen this morning, and I wanted to address the utter unreality of truth to this, in a general sense, and the overwhelming lack of compassion involved in using terms like that to describe the most mediocre of issues that people see in each other. I’m not even going to pretend that I haven’t at some point been guilty of this myself. I’m sure that I have. But, perhaps if we could spend as much time diagnosing ourselves the way we do others, and then HELPING OURSELVES to become better in the areas where we see a need for improvement, and work together to gain an understanding of these terms I’ve described, instead of running off at the mouth and spouting DSM terminology as though we understand it and are qualified to do so, the world would be a much kinder and better place. As a person who does feel qualified to intelligently discuss mental health terminology and issues (a trained and well schooled psychologist, as well as a diagnosed sufferer of CPTSD, anxiety and panic disorder, and the classification of depression that falls under the umbrella of those issues), I can’t help but feel some sort of obligation to say, “PLEASE STOP!”

Thank you for reading, and for attempting to understand where I am coming from, friends. I only wish to protect the people I love – namely, ANYONE who suffers from any sort of mental illness and/or is dealing with/has dealt with abusive people/relationships, including myself – who are hurt by the offhand and very casual usage of these terms and phrases that are so readily pulled out and used these days, and to say that if you’d like to have an actual discussion about the reality of these issues, I’m game to share in that conversation with you. The world can be a better place. Can we work together to make that better place a reality? Please?

I do hope you’ll have a beautiful day, and a very blessed one…

Much love, friends.


An iPhone Photo & A Random Thought

Good morning… ❤️ I am here at my mother’s now, waiting on the home health nurse to arrive and looking out over the field where in my youth I would surely find myself on a warm winter day like today, doing upkeep and spring gardening preparation with my beloved Mama Kay. What beautiful, cherished memories I have of my home place and of my childhood with my grandmother. Yet, today I find myself in a very different phase of life. As I recollect a childhood passed I realize even more how grateful I am to have been prepared so well for this particular time in my life. 

I am in that phase of life where it’s all about everyone else. I don’t have the time or resources for all the self care fantasies that people (especially women) go on about – bubble baths, manicures, beauty shops (anxiety on fleek in places like that, for me), shopping trips (who can afford that anyway?) – but I take care of myself in the ways I know how, and have available to me, and know are right for me. 

For me, it’s walks in the backyard (or at my mom’s when I’m there), reading a book before sleep, watching space documentaries (or listening) while I clean, taking photos randomly and editing them because I enjoy it so much, ALWAYS listening to and sometimes making music, writing down thoughts in the notepad on my phone (if not a napkin or scrap of paper shoved into my bag) during those waiting moments (in line at the store or over morning coffee). It’s always in nature, and it’s always in self-reflection and self-expression.

You can’t always make time for yourself and you can’t always make yourself a priority. All the self help psycho babble bullshit that puts pressure on people to do that is detrimental. It’s not humanly possible for me, or many people, to be on a daily basis what truly feels to me like being self-indulgent. To be perfectly honest, I don’t CARE about my appearance that much. It does not make me feel better to have fresh hair or nails or perfect makeup or a “style.” My style is just me, as I am. It’s pretty simple – clean self, clean clothes that are comfortable and that I like, a little eye makeup just because it makes me feel awake in the mornings and I really love my eyes… LOL

I’m a simple person. Being a simple person is OK. My self care habits include the things I mentioned above, and I eat fairly clean(ly). I stay hydrated. I take my St. John’s wort and vitamins every day. I wash my hands a lot. I keep my home and the environments I’m in clean. But most importantly, what truly makes me feel better about my life and about myself is that I love. I give hugs to people and I show concern for them – especially my son, and all the animals. I try to smile even when I don’t feel like it or am on a rant somewhere inside myself. 

Loving and caring for and trying to conscientiously be kind to others is the best way for me to love and care for myself. It promotes self-growth and self-love at off the charts levels to simply put others first. How convenient that I’m in that stage of life that daughters and mothers, both of which I am, often face during the mid-life years. It’s a BEAUTIFUL phase of life, even as ugly and dirty and exhausting as the tangible bits of it can be. At least 95% of the time, I feel…privileged to have the opportunity to touch people’s lives and to be a part of making them better or at least more livable than their situations might make them feel. I wish society would stop promoting self indulgence or putting such pressure on people that they only love themselves if they do it a certain way. 

I do get down, and especially in exhaustion I rant and carry on but it’s not from a negative space. It’s from a real space. I wish people would see the beauty in just being who they are and in just loving and helping each other. Anything else – anything more or less than that – is what makes life seem so bad, when really, it’s just…what it is. Not inherently good or evil – just life… Even I, in my darkest moments, know that even when it doesn’t feel or look or seem like it and even when it’s impossible to truly understand, life is a gift – but it’s only a true gift when we share it with those we love. That is what makes any human being’s life worth living. That is the only thing worthy of the pain and heartache and struggle life can be. Just love – any kind. Love, and kindness. I have to muster it from the depths of me some days lately, but I do try, always. Ultimately, I know that it matters. We matter. Please remember that, always… We all matter and we all have something to offer. You – whoever you are, whatever you’re struggling with – are loved…by me…