That’s probably the longest blog title I’ve ever used, but it’s accurate. I have been very busy, everything is flooded, my first clutch of eggs left me with about 3/4 of them completely unfertilized and my horses are assholes. I could just stop there, but let me explain further:

A few weeks ago I brought my horses home to my mom’s. I stay there all the time anyway, pretty much, taking care of her. So, I thought, “the only way I can make this work is to move my little farm back to where it started for me as a child.” So far, so good. We got fences built and other fences fixed. We started cleaning off the ruins of the old barn to start over with it. I cut trails and cleaned out areas in the woods for the horses to get out of the wind and weather until that project is completed. And it was all going so well! Cowboy and I had at least one great ride, Anna had her first bareback experience with me (or acted like it was the first time she’d ever been ridden bareback, lol), everybody was happy.

That was until monsoonpocalypse began a several days ago. It’s so awful – and it looks like we have another twelve days to go. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I know that all over the country people are having weather issues – severe ones, in different ways and at different levels. I’m going to say this even though I can’t believe I am – I’d rather be cold than be dealing with horses in a flooded pasture with no stables built yet… (I know – my mouth is gaping, too.)

Sometimes when dreams come true, you have days where they are more of a problem than a joy. Today has been one of those days. There have been some funny moments but mostly? I’ve cursed a lot, yelled at the sky and the atmosphere for being a dick, yelled into the void of the forest at big corporations for causing these ridiculous new weather patterns (believe it or don’t, I don’t care – but I do believe it). In short, “it’s beginning to look a lot like f*** this.”

Here are some photos/videos of how it’s been today. I’ll begin with my early morning feeding, and end with my fresh hay getting pissed on.

At the end of the day, despite my mom’s DISASTER of a doctor’s appointment, it’s not all bad. There are silver linings to all these horrible things happening. For one, I’m staying extremely busy which keeps me focused away from demons that are best left to burn in hell alone. Secondly, I’m outside constantly so plenty of fresh air. And, thirdly, I’m learning a hell of a lot about what I can do and remember from 30 years ago that I thought initially would be the downfall of my success on this adventure.

We all have bad days. But, when one of your horses pisses on the fresh hay you just put out, lays her ears back, gives you the side eye as if to say, “I care nothing about your hard work or efforts, that you’re here on time every day to feed us, that you’re doing your best to protect us from the flooding and keep us comfortable despite these ridiculous nightly thunderstorms, you suck for spraying my ears and I will not forget this,” you can’t help but laugh a little, pat her on the shoulder and feel like you’ve accomplished something good.

If you’re not pissing someone off, you’re not doing life right – isn’t that what the saying is? It’s something like that, anyway. 😉

Heyyyyy, friends. How are you? Long story short, we apparently have the flu. Good times, I tell you. It all stems from socializing and reinforces my strict no socialization policy. Ha. Ha. Ha. Germs. They suck.

A better bit of news and current happenings is that today the mail lady delivered some books to me that I’d ordered a while ago and forgotten all about until they arrived today. One I wasn’t excited about even when I bought it BUT I was compelled to buy it, and it’s the one I started out with. It’s called “Waking the Tiger – Healing Trauma,” by Peter Levine, and to be perfectly honest…I’m actually in love with this book. It’s not because it’s necessarily helping me, or even that it’s all that interesting unless you are dealing with trauma or unless you are dealing someone else who is dealing with trauma. It’s because IT GETS ME. I read things in this book and I literally and loudly say, “yessssssss! Yes yes yes!!!!” I have been pleasantly surprised and pleasantly impacted by it. I’m only halfway through but will likely finish it by or in the morning. The other two are “Chaos, Creativity, and Consciousness” and “Food of the Gods,” authored/coauthored by Terence McKenna.

SO. It’s been an eventful day…lots of kleenexes and Robitussin and kid-crying fits… But also lots of compassion and family growth, as sickness is prone to bring to a mother and son (or at least THIS mother and son).

I’ve also worked on some collab art with @leinsview via @mexturescollective on Instagram and created three new formulas to share with my Mextures peeps:

Orange Morning MC | Formula: XRHWILA


Spiderweb Sunset MC | Formula: CDGPDRI

Feels Like Home MC | Formula: JCSEMNZ

I hope that you enjoy these formulas as much as I enjoyed creating them. Be sure to check out the Mextures Collective website if you’d like to participate and create your own Mextures edits of stunning shots from amazing artists, and check out the @mexturescollective
Instagram. Don’t forget to tag your edits and share your formulas with your edits if you decide to participate!

Hope you’re all having a great week. Thanks for your continued support here. I appreciate you and I appreciate all that you do.