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The Art & The Words

Creating is my coping mechanism for all the things life throws my way that are difficult and painful, and there’s been no shortage of difficult and painful experiences in the last decade of my life. I’ve been blogging for decades, and I love music, photography, videography, words – all of the arts, so here we are.

Words and written expressionism comprise the majority of this coping mechanism for me, but I share so many of the words because I do not want my journey to be either wasted or in vain. I want to help others who are struggling with similar experiences. I’ve merged these parts of myself – the old Catacosmic art blog/IG and the private, personal me – into this one big blog to create the full osmosis of me – hence catacosmosis.

The tools:

I use many tools, considering my broad spectrum of creativity. So many, in fact, that there’s a tool of mine in every room of our house and it gets me into trouble with my family on a regular basis.

For music I adore DAW’s like Ableton, Magix, and even GarageBand’s free MIDI instruments. Speaking of instruments – the obvious necessity for this hobby – there are so many of those in my arsenal that I could open a pawn shop. My current favorites are not my keyboard, guitars or wind instruments, but my digital ones. Topping that list are the Artiphon Orba and the Akai MPK Mini Mark III.

For photography and videography, I use my phone (FINALLY upgraded that after several years) – the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Lumix GX-7, and the Sony Alpha (there are a few different lenses for those but we won’t go there). I use TONS of apps and programs, so I will mention those on a per-post basis but my favorite digital artistic tools for photography are Adobe Lightroom and Mextures (available on the Apple App Store).

It’s hard to find many Mextures formulas organized into blog posts, for some reason, so I’ve organized some of my own. Below is a quick list of my current Mextures Formula blogs. I hope you’ll enjoy, and join in the sharing and community as we begin including artist feature posts!

Thank you!

Thank you for all your support and feedback concerning bringing this page together. Thank you for taking the time to come visit.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Wishing much gratitude and many blessings to you!


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