Creativity and You


Let’s talk about creativity and haters. They don’t matter. Ok? You have to get that through to your brain first. Then let it settle in your heart.

Constructive criticism is one thing. But….

When you share your creative and artistic endeavors with the interwebs – nay, sometimes even just feelings and thoughts – there will be those very disturbed individuals who feel a need to offer what is NOT constructive criticism but rather a full lack of compassion or allowance of artistic freedom or human opinion and who will, rather than enjoy what you’ve shared and get a little insight into you or a little insight into what your sharing is about, make it all about them and their opinions about life, politics, and even sometimes themselves specifically.

These people are not on your side. They are not on anybody’s side. They simply don’t get it. And that’s ok – that’s their right. But when they tell you that your work sucks, your music is too simplistic, your photography is boring, your writing is absurd and a sign of too much thinking and not enough living, you can be sure that they either think none at all or think far too much themselves, are boring or are not very good at photography, have no understanding at all of music because the more simplistic music is the more pleasant it is to listen to (duh – that’s even psychology, not just music theory), and you can just take all their non-constructive criticisms and toss them.

Why? Here’s the secret: because constructive criticism offers a possible way for things to be BETTER rather than just bashing what is there.

Don’t fall into the void these strangers want to suck you into. Your work may not be to their taste but that doesn’t make it bad. Doesn’t make it unworthy of sharing. Doesn’t make it unworthy of being created or you unworthy as a creator. That’s what art and creativity is ALL ABOUT. Differences of expression shared through common mediums and regarding common thoughts and issues and topics.

It’s about your freedom to express YOURSELF.

CREATE. CREATE YOUR WAY, in your own space – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. Allow who YOU are to come out regardless. Else, you DO lose any creative validity because if you create to please others, you are giving away your creative control.

Creating is a part of soul being shared. People should see that as the honor that it is to share in that, and not judge. If they don’t see that and they do judge you? Don’t fall into their void. Just keep going.

I love you and I love sharing in your creativity – it is an honor to be allowed to share in it. Keep creating. Keep living, experiencing, healing, growing, whatever your creating is/does for you. ❤️

This is for you:

All the love to all of you, as always.


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