Age (and How It Doesn’t Really Matter)

It is just after 5am. I don’t like to start my day in a good mood just to have my bubble popped but oh well… Luckily my mood was iffy to start with. 😂

I just walked my dog and ended up getting a lecture about how it sucks to get old and how the cold hurts the bones and how the brain doesn’t work and how it’s hard to bend over and pick up the dog’s poo on the cold mornings. “You just wait til you’re my age honey! It’s miserable!”

This is not a rant or an angry post. It’s an, “I’m hurt, I feel like shit about myself and completely unworthy and useless,” post – because that’s how it makes people with chronic illness and depression feel when people start comparing their aches and pains and then blaming it on the fact that they’re older, or saying, “it could be so much worse.” Yeah. It could. And for you, too. So please stop…

First of all, this lady is barely fifty years old. Secondly, she knows me well yet complains to me about all these things and then compares as if she would like to trade bodies, as though I weren’t struggling with many of them myself. I hate feeling belittled by people who KNOW me. It reminds me too much of my mother.

If people don’t stop talking to me about how their age is such a big deal I’m gonna scream. I’m gonna yell a great big GFY in someone’s face. You know what? Shut. Up. Age changes us but not as much as what we do to our bodies as we age.

You know what makes your brain and body not work, more than getting old? GENES. Alcohol, drugs (illegal AND prescription ones like benzos and blood pressure pills), smoking cigarettes, the type of foods you tend to eat, long term stress, emotional and verbal abuse, certain chronic diseases like depression and other diseases that effect the brain and the body… LOTS of things that are unrelated to our actual ages cause our bodies to age at different rates.

I know plenty of elderly people who are sharp as a tack and getting along just fine – or at least not complaining about it – and have known/read about many people in their twenties or younger with worse problems than this lady or myself, so if you’re ten or twenty or years older than me, don’t be telling me all about how, “wait til you’re my age.”

My body isn’t yours. My body is mine and I know what my body struggles with at just shy of forty. I know what I’ve done to my body. I know the bones I’ve broken and the chronic illness that make the cold hurt me, I know how I’ve abused my body with everything from cigarettes and alcohol to even the prescription meds I’ve had to take for so many years, and I know the chronic disease I have that I’m paying for it with. I also know that genes play a big role in that and that I have a genetically received chronic illness, but I know shit about my genes beyond my own body because I don’t have birth parents or family to compare notes or DNA with, so there’s that. 😂😂😂

People. STOP COMPARING. Stop comparing yourself to others and others to others. It hurts. At ANY level, whether it be about beauty or bodily issues or your illness versus mine or your age versus mine, it hurts. It belittles. It makes people feel less than. It really does. And it’s really not fair.

That’s my wish today.

All the love,


One thought on “Age (and How It Doesn’t Really Matter)

  1. Here is my thing about ASSuming that younger people have no gripes: “There’s no fool like an old fool.” At 67, I could easily tell the 50-something that “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”, but I would be very dishonest, in doing so. I have not had anything close to a health scare. You have, and are one of the bravest people I’ve met.


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