Monday Motivation #1

Motivation Monday: something I’ve been working on lately is reminding myself not to get upset with those people who like to constantly remind me that, “it just takes time.”

I believe that most things take a lot more than just time. Fitness. Saving money. Spring cleaning. Healing childhood pains. Grief. There are many things which time alone does nothing for, unless we do something about them.

I used to get so frustrated with people when they’d say stupid things like, “time heals all wounds,” etc. Those comments only added to my frustration and pain. Some wounds can never be healed. Even with those that can be, time does nothing on its own. I’ve always considered that phrase a sort of cop out – but that’s just my perspective.

If the light in the thumbnail photo above stops working, we need to either change the bulb, check that it’s plugged in, or pay our power bill. We need to troubleshoot and solve the problem to find the reason it doesn’t give any light.

We need to both take responsibility and give ourselves some credit for what WE DO during that expanse of time between broken spirited, broken hearted, in a depression, struggling with CPTSD and chronic illness – whatever YOUR hurt is – and the moment that we feel some relief or healing or comfort again. It’s not down to time alone that helps you to be better. It’s down to what you DO with that time.

Today I encourage you to do something useful with your time that helps you to either solve your problem or to heal.

For me, it’s openly sharing and connecting with you all. It’s taking photos, or at the very least editing RF ones. It’s keeping myself  in my creative space. It’s actively surrounding myself with people who lift me up rather than put me down. It’s reading, researching, and keeping myself up to date/educated about my chronic illness, and putting massive amounts of effort into learning about/putting into practice the lifestyle I must live now with Celiac.

And? It’s allowing my rages, breakdowns and bad days with gratitude that I can feel at all, rather than be numb, and that I have the gift of expressing myself.

I forget my part in it sometimes and my light goes out again, so…well, in short, all this sums up to, “I have to keep changing bulbs & paying power bills.”

YOU can overcome ANYTHING. Give yourself a chance. Take your time. Be gentle. Go slow. Find your pace and go with it. Find your tools and use them. Realize what your needs and goals are. But never forget, you gotta show up to reach them. You have to meet yourself halfway. Please give yourself the gift of realizing that you’re valid, you’re worthy, and you can create a better tomorrow because of, even in spite of, today.

Much love, friends, and a happy Monday to all…


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