A Dialogue

Someone asked me here today, “I enjoy your writing very much but why don’t you share photos of yourself, as well? And what’s your purpose? Can you define it? If you can, your grief and struggle is not wasted or in vain…” It was an eye opening sentiment, one that I was grateful to be reminded of. I wanted to share the private response I sent with you all, because I think it’s a good reminder for not just myself but for all of us…

My response:

I don’t want to be or create a revolution. I don’t want to stand out or be recognized. That’s actually why I don’t post selfies anymore, standalone or with my thoughts. My thoughts are my self portrait, even as they are not always about me specifically; they’re just extensions of who I am that are created by all that’s around me, especially nature, and that at some level are connecting for all of us.

No, I don’t want to stand out. But I do want to stand up, and take responsibility and cause a ripple in this ether we live enveloped by. I want to be peaceful and create an interest in the lovelution (thanks @joe_lovelution) that’s already all around us. I’ve been struggling with that through grief and my bad days with chronic illness for a while, but grief and this battle with my body are also teaching me many lessons about how to be better in very broad ways, so I can not be consistently bitter about the bad days and the struggles…

Yes, it’s all up and down and mixed up and sometimes contradictory but it’s all a part of a broader, whole experience. I appreciate the community of patience I’ve found with that via this outlet.

See, the love and the compassion already exists. It’s not a new thing, it’s not a “new revolution.” It’s an age old one that people have become blind to. Engulfed in materialism and celebrities and the masks they choose to wear, kept from wholeness by the division of society by these invisible dividing lines of race and class and sexuality and political leanings…

What I want is just to open people’s eyes, and touch their hearts, and help them to reconnect to the love and consciousness that is already all around them.

It’s not about an individual – it’s about humanity itself becoming better, and whole again. We don’t all have to be the same – we shouldn’t be and never will be. But being different does not negate the ability to love.

Even to those who misunderstand me or even dislike me, I love you…

Wishing you all a wonderful, hopeful, high vibration week.



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