Hello | All Time Low…

Hello, friends. I have not shared anything here for several days because, well, to be perfectly honest the energy is so low, so ugly… I don’t want to bring that energy to this space or to yours. I know that’s the point of our blogging and sharing and having these safe spaces online but I can’t bear to imagine I have nothing more to say than to describe the low-energy emotions I’ve been struggling with in secret for days now. 

​(clip courtesy of @avonleamusic [Instagram])


Nonetheless, I have been writing and will very likely share some of those thoughts and digressions in the future, when I can put a more real positive spin on them. I suppose that often we feel a need to wait to share certain things and emotions because we want to be fully aware of what they are and where they’re coming from – or is that just me nowadays? 

I used to be completely the opposite – it was THROUGH writing that I was able to understand the what and where regarding my emotions. Perhaps I’ve simply taken to playing it safe with what I share. That’s no good. What are your thoughts on that?  

But, again, it’s one of my all time lows, so patience and gentleness with self is key.  

Despite my silence I am enjoying your posts, and I hope that your week started off on a pleasant note and that your Monday was kind to you. Take care, friends. Until next time, much love as always…



    1. Not wanting to spread negativity in the world is why I struggle with it – so many of my current situations are laced with much negativity. Suffering. Pain. Sigh… It’s the overcoming of it that I want to share, not the struggle itself, but they are one and the same, aren’t they… I appreciate your friendship and encouragement so much, as always. Hugs, my friend. Big. Ol. Hugs.

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