Mextures Formulas #1

The long awaited Mextures formula postings begin with this post. I often share (try always to, if I create one) a Mextures formula with my work on Instagram or Facebook but there were a lot of messages coming in and comments randomly on my posts asking me to compile them. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that, as far as organization, but we will start here with some of the more recent formulas and go from there. Perhaps later I can group them into two or three clumps and do a page where I share, like black and white formulas, super textured formulas, simple formulas, and so forth…but, for now, we’ll just do these recent ones:



Formula Name: Winter Evening

Formula Code: CBFYHAP




Formula Name: Winter Woods

Formula Code: IPTMVAL




Formula Name: Lost in Translation

Formula Code: PJIGBKN




Formula Name: Freedom

Formula Code: VMUIHIB




Formula Name: Stagnation

Formula Code: XFBXRYI




Formula Name: Grungy Spring

Formula Code: LZIUSQJ




Formula Name: Varley Variation

Formula Code: UKEDTCI




Formula Name: Solitude in Spring

Formula Code: ZFTNUKC




Formula Name: Keats

Formula Code: MDYJZCN



I hope you enjoy these formulas – remember that blend modes of layers and layers themselves may require tweaking depending on the light/style/tone of your image and they will not necessarily look exactly the same on your images as they do in the provided versions.

If you have any questions about Mextures or using formulas, feel free to ask them in comments or via e-mail or social media/messaging.

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